Walking in the Footsteps of Heroes

Due to visiting so many historical world war II sites on this trip as well as what I visited last year I have decided to collate all the posts on to one page for easier access.


Pre D-Day
Operation Jubilee
Operation Jubilee

D-Day Operation Neptune
Airborne Operations
Operation Deadstick
Pegasus Bridge
Merville Battery
Walking the Operation Deadstick Perimeter
82nd and the 101st Airborne Divisions in Cotentin

Seaborne Beaches
Sword Beach
HILLMAN strongpoint
Juno Beach
Gold Beach
Longues-sur-Mer Battery
Linking up Gold and Omaha Beaches
Omaha Beach
Linking up Omaha and Utah Beaches
Utah Beach
Azeville and Crisbecq Batteries

After D-Day
Operation Market Garden
A Bridge to Far
Never Forget
Wings of Liberation


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