So a few days I go I updated a page to show how I got from Ely to  Vianden you can see it here


Hey so this page is kind of defunct as my plans change pretty frequently and it’s hard to keep it up to date when I am on the road. But my next few days look like this (posted on 07/07/2013)

So due to injury and friendship things changed a little in my planning. As I write this I am preparing to leave Groningen to Arnhem the new route looks like this.

Previous route idea slightly modified now.

Currently I have not left and I’m in the preperation stage.

First Leg of the Trip

Ely to Harwich International Port approx 66miles

The walking route from Europe begins

Day 1 in Holland route from Hoek of Holland to just outside Nootdorp

Day 2 Nootdorp to Woerden

Day 3 Woerden to Utrecht


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