Tuesday 11th June 2013

Itchy Feet

So I decided not to out stay my welcome with Jos and Laura (although I am sure they would not mind) my feet are starting to get itchy to move on and I am getting to comfortable here soon I won’t want to leave at all. Some last things to see to then leave tomorrow the 12th.

So knowing I would be back on the road I decided to have a lie in and missed them both before they left for work. When I finally decided to get up I sat on the patio for a little while with Woopie the cat (man I’ll miss that cat), then wandered into the Groningen to find a replacement for Mr Pink, and a replacement Zippo lighter. It was a beautiful day in Groningen the sun was shining and without a cloud in the sky I headed back towards the ‘fish market’ for more free internet and see if I could remember where the sports shop was I had seen tennisballen in yesterday. Initially I went the wrong way and wandered around eventually finding it basically back where I had started.

Market day on the main square in Groningen

Market day on the main square in Groningen

'Fish Market' on market day also a good spot for free internet

‘Fish Market’ on market day also a good spot for free internet

So I bought 3 replacements for Mr Pink. With that done I headed back to the fish market for free internet (I love free internet), and there was a street performer doing Hotel California great song and he was pretty good so I stayed and listened for 4 more songs.

Hotel California man

Hotel California man

I really like this picture. It's a church steeple

I really like this picture. It’s a church steeple

I then decided to explore a little more Groningen basically I just wandered down random streets so I ended up walking down this one street and it’s a fairly normal street with a café at the end when I happen to glance at a door, it’s a full length plate-glass door and behind it waving at me is a half-naked blond and the next on it the same I was so surprised by the time I realised I had hit the red light district and got my camera out the last 3 doors were curtained up either working or closed. I had a little chuckle to myself and continued down the road.

Eventually I made it back to a tobacconists I had seen early and managed to buy a replacement Zippo in Dutch (well almost all in Dutch) so proud! As it was still quite early I looked for somewhere to have a beer eventually finding Herman Bar. It seemed like a typical English local. So in my terrible attempt at Dutch I manage to order a drink, Heineken for preference and after being in there for a while I meet Cavhin (pronounced Kevin) and Jan obviously what I am doing comes up and Cavhin looks me up on the internet and asks me to add him to Facebook which eventually we do but not then. We chat for a while and I agree to meet Cavhin in Turkey if I ever get that far. Jan buys me the first drink a total stranger has bought me so far.

Jan, Cavhin, some dude I don't know and I think Herman

Jan, Cavhin, some dude I don’t know and I think Herman

I have to leave as I want to spend my last night in Groningen with Laura and Jos. So I go back to their place, they both cook another wonderful meal and me and Jos sit out on the patio enjoying the last heat of the day and a bottle of Chouffe (8% lager from Belgium).

Chouffe it gets you drunk

Chouffe it gets you drunk

It’s a subdued evening as I know I have to leave in the morning, so I arrange to be up in time to see Laura before she goes to work. Jos leaves later so I will still see him and with that after watching the first stars come out my last night in Groningen finishes.

Thank you so much Jos and Laura the time I spent with you will stay with me forever.

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