Beautiful historic Maastricht

Went for a wander around Maastricht today. Continue reading


Tot Ziens Holland! Hello Belgium

So I was supposed to be heading to Turnhout in Belgium to arrive by Monday, but my friend in Turnhout decided to scoop me up from my campsite this morning and take me to the Belgium coast for the weekend so as I sit and type this I am closer to England than i have been in 3 weeks. I am just outside Nieuwpoort staying at a caravan concentration camp.

Nice church though.


The people I am staying with are lovely and it’s been a great day. The caravan site is run by Nazi’s so I have had to escape to get an internet connection for my phone. I am posting from a small restaurant called Akkerwinde in a small place called Sint-Joris seems nice but the only person working is very overworked. A day with out a connection on my phone is basically a day in hell for me.

Drying out the tent

After all the rain this morning I have camped up early to dry out the tent as I had to pack it wet before I set off. We have more rain forecast for around 9 pm tonight. I did take the inner out this morning as it was dry and packed it separately.

The Grolsch are for later well it is Friday night!