Where to next for Cheebaman

So tomorrow I enter the Alps properly and I have to admit looking at the route and seeing the mountains so close that my stomach is churning in fear. Continue reading


Gruntensee to Pfronten

Setting off from the campsite at Gruntensee I headed towards Pfronten the heat was incredible even at 8am. Today was going to be hard day but I planned to have the weekend off in a hotel somewhere for the Eve Online Alliance Tournament which my friends where playing in.

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Memmingen to Lauben

Wednesday and my plan was to try to make it Kempten from Memmingen but I was so late in getting out of Memmingen and the heat was quite high I had to wild camp just outside Lauben a little town north of Kempten was not the greatest of camp sites but by 8pm I just needed to kip down.

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