Some random things I did today

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Baraque de Fraiture or Parkers Crossroads

Came through the Baraque de Fraiture crossroads today. During the Battle of the Bulge it was the seen if some heavy fighting and became know as Parker’s Crossroads today there stands a 105mm howitzer in tribute to the brave men that fought here.

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I really need your help here people

As the internet is so bad here and Google Maps on iPhone does not show campsites in Belgium. I need the address of a campsite between 15 and 20km from Grand Bru towards Bastogne as I can only find them on on my laptop and will have no wireless connection were my plot is. It needs to have wireless and be cheap other than that I do not care. If you find something please comment on this post I’ll be checking it before I leave the camp today. Thanks in advance!