All the Gear


On this page I’ll list and link as much of the gear I’m taking as possible and try to update how it performs in the field as I go.

The Rucksack/Backpack

New Forces 88 Camo


Challenger Lite 200

Bivvy Bag

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Mat I’ve gone with the Airo 180 for the length and weight it seems the best of the bunch. Here is the concept of how these mat’s work.

Thermarest Stuff Sack Pillow (Small) stuff it with some clothes at night and you have yourself a decent pillow.


Boots I’ve worn these in and they are super comfortable although fairly cheap I intend to keep a couple of hundred euro’s around to replace boots just in case!

For socks I’ve gone with a couple of pairs of Extreme Walking and a few pairs of full on Merino wool socks (can’t seem to find a link to them).


Wild Country Terra Nova Zephyros 2 man tent I went a 2 man tent in case I get stuck somewhere for a couple days so I’ll have a little room to move around in, it has a good combination of being light and easy to put up.

Cooking, Eating and Hydration

Trangia Mini-Trangia Cookset With Spirit Burner light-weight small and compact. Alcohol burner so getting fuel for it should be relatively easy and cheaper than a gas equivalent.

Mess Tins I just love mess tins and I can store stuff inside the inner tin, I may decide to dump these as a I go along as they are not the lightest of things I have but time will tell.

Eating utensils I also have my sheath knife which I’ve been carrying around for like 15 years or so but is still good value and up to the task.

1L Polycarbonate Bottle I have 2 of these which again I can no longer find a link for got them from mountain warehouse I like them as they have a measure on the outside and look pretty hardwearing. I am also carrying 2 half litre water bottles for using as I move as they are easier to carry whilst fully laden. Water is super important cause the majority of my food is dehydrated.

First Aid

Hiker First Aid Kit I’ve gone with this as it’s small and compact but I’ve supplemented it with Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibruprofen, Imodium, additional plasters and another pair of scissors.


Pakka Waterproof Trousers and Pakka Waterproof Jacket these compact nicely and can fit in the top pocket of my rucksack along with it’s built in rain cover. Already given them a small test walking to work and they performed well, time will tell if these were a good purchase or not.

Waterproof Poncho which can double up as a water catcher, something to sit on or as a canopy shield.


For a base layer I’ve gone with a few of the Climate Men’s Tee I’ve been wearing these since I bought them to try them out and they have performed superbly so far as I am one sweaty bastard whenever I do any kind of exercise, with the high wicking of these tops I never feel sweaty or uncomfortable in them and washing them in cold water they dry quickly and don’t carry the sweaty smell to heavily. For a longer sleeve version I’ve gone with a couple of Talus Men’s Base Layer Long Sleeve Top again these have performed well in the testing I have done with them.

The rest of the gear I’ve bought Talus Men’s Long Sleeved Zip Neck Top , MW Camper Men’s Long Sleeved Tee-Shirt, Aspen Men’s Long Sleeved Cotton Tee-Shirt, Camber Men’s Microfleece Top, Men’s Merino Thermal Pants, Trek Zip-Off Men’s Trousers, also some stuff I already had such as a couple of pairs of Chino’s which are real comfortable for walking and have the benefit of deep pockets I can fit a 5ocl water bottle in without out it impeding my gait. Also a Fila sweatshirt and a couple of t-shirts (especially my No Where Left To Roam Metallica t-shirt)

For an over coat (which I hope to not have to use to much) it a regatta one I’ve had for a few year but is still in decent condition which has a removable fleece inner jacket.

A baseball cap I brought back from Canada and a thermlite woollen hat.

Total weight of everything fully loaded comes to 25kg

I’ll try to update this page with how each piece of equipment performs as I make my journey into the unknown!


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