On this page I will try to give you a little background on who I am and why I am doing this crazy stupid thing.

Who is Cheebaman
Well I am currently a 41 (soon to be 42) year old IT support technician and have been for about the last 15 years or so. I’ve worked for some great companies and some shit ones as both a contractor and a permanent employee but never stayed in any 1 job for longer that 2 years (guess that says a lot about me right there). Originally from Oldham just outside Manchester, England I ended up in Ely nr Cambridge by way of Nottingham. Ely is a lovely place and there are some real good people here but it is a little limited on things to do especially if like me you don’t actually drive.

Why are you doing this?
Good question I will attempt to answer that here.
In 2012 I had a bad year employment wise which lead to me pretty much burning all my saving’s and credit forcing me to take a job I would not normally of even looked at in January of 2013. The job in itself was okay and I could live just about on the pay (Cambridgeshire is not a cheap place to live). Then at the beginning of April the landlady of the house I’ve lived in for the last 6 years dropped the bombshell that she was selling up and moving to another county and gave me my notice to quit the house, and to be fair I’ve been paying way below market rates for this place for years. So I started looking for places that would take me and my cat which is a lot harder than you would think! So the cat had to go 😦 Luckily the girl I was with when we got the cat is happy to readopt her so at least she would have a home. Whilst searching for somewhere new to live I started to think about what to do if I could not find anywhere I wanted to live (I was also waiting for a job offer from a company I really wanted to work for which still hasn’t come), as the days rolled in to weeks I started thinking more and more about just selling up everything I could and hitting the road, initially I thought about going back to Manchester as my son still lives there but came to the realisation that life would be just as shit up there as it his down here just with added rain. So then the idea of getting somewhere warm for the winter started to formulate.
From there it was a matter of deciding on an area to ultimately end up and a vague idea of the med came to mind but where well currently it’s Greece but this is a fluid plan so it could end up being virtually anywhere as long it is relatively warm in the winter.
Next came the how, how do I get from Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK to the Mediterranean? Well I can’t drive so that’s out. I’m in no real hurry to get there and I need to conserve as much cash as possible. As I’ve never been in a car owning family the idea of Hiking was a natural choice so around the 3rd of May I started researching equipment and advice on travelling Europe, then formulated a loose route including places I’ve always wanted to visit but with the idea of always moving east and south as much as possible. The closest port takes ferries to the Hook Of Holland so that was a natural jump of point, I’ve always want to visit Arnhem (ever since being a kid and learning of Operation Market Garden and the battle of the bridge at Arnhem) and as it’s related to Market Garden it seemed natural to try to follow the route back the way the Garden part of the plan was planned to advance by (Market being the airborne assault groups and Garden being the ground support troops).
and from that loose plan my current route has been formed with some diversions to meet people along the way. I am in no rush to get anywhere but out of the UK once on mainland Europe the world as they say is my oyster.

I plan to live as cheaply as possible getting work as and when I can but nothing that ties me down for to long. Wild and Stealth camping as I go with the odd bit of couch surfing when someone is generous enough to offer one.

Bored 41 year old bloke has midlife crisis decides to jack it all in and go see something of the world before it’s too late.

Adding this as people keep asking me for it.
Paypal info paypal@5si.co.uk
I don’t beg but if you feel you want to donate I will endeavour to put it to good use.



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