Sat in one place far too long!

So been back in England since the 20th of August and back in Oldham since the end of September.
Coming back to Oldham after being away for 12/13 years felt a little strange, a lot of changes but more of the same, most of the pubs I used to drink have either closed down or changed business type, I have no idea where anyone I used to know up here has gone and if I am honest I have not really looked to hard to find them.


Patched things up with my mother and spent a little tone with my boy ( who isn’t a boy anymore! ). But staying at my mothers does feel like I have gone back 20 years, big benefit is I have been able to save some money to go on another european adventure. Which brings me to now.

Started planning my next journey from Oldham to Dover to Dunkirk to Caen by the 6th of June, which means getting going in the next 6 weeks to have any chance of making it. After Caen I intend to see some of France then down through Spain to finish in Gibraltar via Portugal by whenever I get there approx 1700 miles according to Google.

Need to replace some kit such as my boots and my rucksack, the boots I have ordered are apparently guaranteed for 5000 miles but we’ll see.

That’s it for now but expect to see more updates on here over the forthcoming weeks.

K thx bye!

(ninja edit checking facebook connection)


One thought on “Sat in one place far too long!

  1. Great to hear you are well fella! Keep.posting updates and I’m sure we will catch up for a beer at some point! Live the Dream!


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