Where to next for Cheebaman

So tomorrow I enter the Alps properly and I have to admit looking at the route and seeing the mountains so close that my stomach is churning in fear.
On this photo you can see the pass I will be going through to enter Austria itself then on to Innsbruck.


We are starting to get some stormy weather here mainly in the afternoons and once I pass Reutte I really do head off in to the mountains, on trails and roads I have no idea if/when they where last used. This is the route I will be attempting.

It’s been nice knowing you all. Hopefully I’ll make it to the other side. If you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks I’ll be somewhere on that route.

Here is a link to a video I made of a storm rolling in. You bet I’m scared.

One last meal before I go.



6 thoughts on “Where to next for Cheebaman

  1. Weather looks a bit miserable on the route over the next week but the temperatures look good for you. Sorry if this is granny sucking eggs if you go off the beaten track (I would not) leave your details and phone forward before you go, keep your phone on.

    Ive been living in and walking about pre alps for five years and I’ll tell you what I’ve seen when you get here. If you are not sure then just play safe. We need to celebrate the pl win.


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