Hoendeloo to Oosterbeek

So it rained all night stopped long enough for me to decamp then rained some more. Kind of a miserable day without many chances to take photo’s.

Cooking breakfast


It did not got to well was mushroom rice half cooked but I ate it anyway!


At least this had protection from the rain.


Nice house.




After this picture was taken I got a little lost for awhile but heading the right direction weather was awful and I was tired and miserable and just wanted to get to Oosterbeek so I thumbed a lift and the very first car stopped. Driven by a very nice Dutchman called Gerben he took me a good few Km out of his way to get me into central Oosterbeek not far from the Airborne Museum where I now sit. Thank Gerben!

Oosterbeek remember these englanders?



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